October 2015 Presentations

NEAUPG 2015 Trade Fair Companies


Update on National Issues – ETG Activity – Matt Corrigan

Asphalt Institute’s REOB Task Force – Greg Harder

Optimized Mix Design Approach – Shane Buchanan

Performance Based Specifications for High RAP Mixes in Cold Climates – Andrew Hanz

Highly Modified Asphalt Overlays for Urban Areas – Tom Bennert

Effects of Silo Storage Time on the Characteristics of Virgin and RAP HMA Mixtures – Chris Jacques

Impact of Binder Grades and Properties on HMA Production – Matt Teto

Asphalt Binder and Mixture Properties Produced with REOB Modified Asphalt Binders – Tom Bennert

Report of Pavement Preservation Test Sections – NCAT – Mary Robins

Using Binder and Mixture Space Diagrams to Evaluate the Effect of REOB on Binders and Mixtures after Aging – Walaa Mogawer

Effect of Binder Modification on the Performance of an Ultrathin Overlay Pavement Preservation Strategy – Walaa Mogawer

Fatigue Cracking Performance on FAA Airfields – Tom Bennert

Correlation between Laboratory and Plant Produced High RAP/RAS Mixtures – Reyhaneh Rahbar Rastegar

Results of MTO’s 2011 Asphalt Cement Initiatives – Alexander Brown