October 2005 Presentations

October 19-20, 2005
Burlington, VT

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NEAUPG Activity Report – F. Fee

NJDOT HMA/Pavement Research Program – T. Bennert

Rubbilization: Paving the Way to Smooth Pavement – A. L. Blades

New Approach for the Design of High RAP HMA – R. Bonaquist

Longitudinal Joint Permeameter: New Non-Destructive Pavement Joint Test – J. S. Daniel

NCHRP Update – E. Harrigan

Warm Mix Technology to Improve Compaction – L. Michael

Fatigue Resistant Asphalt Base – Newcomb

Virginia’s Approach to Superpave – B. Prowell

Quality Assurance: Where Does the Future Lead Us? – J. D’Angelo

Industry Perspective on New FHWA QA Guidelines – R. Sines

Approaches to Improve Superpave Durability (Mix Design and Construction) – Michael (MD), Bennert (NJ), Prowell (VA) and Maurer (PA)

Development of Standard Practice for Superpave Plus Specifications – J. D’Angelo

Evaluation of Warm Asphalt Technologies – B. Prowell and G. Hurley

Status of Binder Testing Manual of Practice and National Certification by The Asphalt Institute – D. Anderson (video presentation)