October 2012 Presentations

October 24-25, 2012
Philadelphia, PA

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NEAUPG Update – R. Corun

Update on National Issues – ETG Activity – T. Harman

Update on the High RAP After Plant Pooled Fund Study for NEAUPG – J. S. Daniel

Binder Comm. Report: Regional Implementation of the MSCR Test and the MP-19 Specification – G. Harder

New Highway Bill MAP21 Effects on the Asphalt Paving Industry – J. Hansen

The Organization of the New Asphalt Pavement Alliance – J. Hansen

A Performance-Based High RAP Asphalt Mixture Specification for New Jersey – T. Bennert

NJDOT’s Performance-Based Asphalt Mixture Specifications, Protocols and Field Implementation – T. Bennert

NCHRP 9-46 Mix Design for High RAP Mixtures – R. West

Engineered Binders – R. Corun

Field and Laboratory Evaluation of Plant Produced Highly Modified Thin Lift Overlay Mixtures Incorporating RAP – W. Mogawer

Effect of Rejuvenators on the Performance of RAP/RAS Mixtures – W. Mogawer

Roadways for the Future – C. LaFleur

Advance Modulus Performance Testing (AMPT) for QA Evaluation of Mixtures – S. Diefenderfer

Modified Binders – Quality Assurance for Producers and Owners – K. Mooney