October 2013 Presentations

2013 Annual Meeting Final Agenda Portsmouth, NH

Update on National Issues – ETG Activity – Matt Corrigan

MAP-21 Discussions – Tom Harman

Implementation Update of MP-19 and Specification Overview – Greg Harder

NEAUPG High RAP Project Update – Jo Sias Daniel

Industry Perspectives: Sustainable Asphalt Technologies – Heather Dylla

Use of High RAP/RAS and Impact on Mix Performance – Gary Reinke

Balancing the Softening Effects of Asphalt Rejuvenators with Polymer Modified Asphalt in High RAP Mixes – Walaa Mogawer

Performance Characteristics of Asphalt Mixtures Incorporating Treated Ground Tire Rubber Added During the Mixing Process – Walaa Mogawer

GTR Performance Graded Specifications – John D’Angelo

Binder Characterization Through Non-destructive Resonant Tests on Asphalt Mixtures – Mansour Solaimanian

MassDOT’s Experience with Asphalt Rubber and Specification Development – Ed Naras

High RAP Mixtures – Strategies and Their Implementation in the NE – Tom Bennert

Pavement Preservation – The Need and The Return – Jim Moulthrop

NYC High Performance Thin Overlay – Ron Corun

Use of Special Analysis Surface Wave (SAWS) Equipment for Determining the Properties (Stiffness and Thickness) of Existing Asphalt Pavements – Leslie McCarthy