October 2016 Presentations

2016 NEAUPG Agenda – Wilmington, DE

Balanced Mix Design – David Newcomb

Asphalt Pavement Alliance Update – Amy Miller

Implementation of SHRP2 Technologies: Preservation Approaches for High Traffic Roadways in the Northeast – Walaa Magower

Effect of Asphalt Binder Formulations and Sources on Binder and Mix Performance – Walaa Magower

How Does AASHTO M332 Compare to ASHTO M320? – Tom Bennert

Comparison of Asphalt Mixtures and Binder Durability/Fatigue Cracking to Field Cracking Performance at FHWA ALF – Tom Bennert

Evaluation of Rejuvenating Additives & Mixture Aging on Properties of Recovered Binders Containing RAS – Gerald Reinke

Binder Committee Update – Greg Harder (No Slides)

Mix Committee Update – Bruce Barkevich

Pavement Friction – Michael Heitzman

Comparison of Binder and Mixture Characteristics with Respect to Cracking Performance – Jo Sias Daniel

Characterization of Fracture Properties of RAP Mixtures through Different Aging Levels – Eshan Dave

PA Experience with Thin Lift Overlays – Mansour Solaimanian

DOT Innovations/STIC (State Transportation Innovation Council) – Tom Harman

Constructible High Performance Mixes – John D’Angelo