2023 NEAUPG Meeting – Providence, RI

Experience with EPD’s at Port Authority of NY/NJDarius Pezeshki, Port Authority of NY/NJ

 Comprehensive Balanced Mixture Design: Design Phase through Production Quality AssuranceWalaa Mogawer, University of Massachusetts

Effect of Lag and Dwell Time on Balanced Mix Design TestingDerek Nener-Plante, FHWA

Evaluation of Three FHWA EDC-6 Targeted Overlay Pavement Solutions (TOPS) for Asphalt Pavements to Increase Pavement Service LifeWalaa Mogawer, University of Massachusetts

Balanced Mix Design (BMD) Peer Exchange: Summary of Findings and Challenges to Implementation Tim Aschenbrener, FHWA and Derek Nener-Plante, FHWA

Case Study of High RAP Content Surface Mixtures Placed on High Volume RoadsWalaa Mogawer, University of Massachusetts

Binder Committee Update (Biltmore Ballroom) Greg Harder, Asphalt Institute

Mix Committee UpdateBruce Barkevich, NY Materials

Inter-Laboratory Study for Asphalt Pavement Performance TestingAaron Schwartz, VTrans and Alex Bernier, University of Connecticut

A Practice for Including Intelligent Construction Equipment in Quality Assurance ProgramTim Aschenbrener, FHWA

Does Balanced Mixture Design (BMD) Work?  You Bet Your Asphalt It Does!  A Case Study on Field Performance of BMD Asphalt MixturesTom Bennert, Rutgers University

Recycling Agent Dosage Optimization Procedures – Hamzeh Haghshenas, FHWA (Presentation Not Available)

Adjustment of Asphalt Mix Design/Job Mix Formula to Satisfy Mechanical Test Properties– Industry PerspectiveTom Bennert, Rutgers University

A Simplified and Practical Approach To Asphalt Mixture Design To Enhance DurabilityGreg Harder, Asphalt Institute