October 2017 Presentations

2017 NEAUPG Conference Agenda

Binder Committee Update – G. Harder

Mix Committee Update – B. Barkevich

Asphalt Pavement Alliance Update – A. Miller

AMPT Cyclic Fatigue Test – R. Kim

Balanced Asphalt Mix Design – S. Buchanan

HVS Evaluation of Thin Asphalt Overlays on Composite Pavements – A. Ali

Binder Specifications with a Focus on Cracking – G. Rowe

Use of the Moisture Induced Stress Tester (MIST) and Appropriate Tests for Evaluation of Hot Mix Asphalt – R. Mallick

FHWA ETG Update – M. Corrigan

Semi-Circular Bending Beam Test – M. Solaimanian

Performance Testing and Surrogate Tests – T. Bennert

Performance Modeling of a Highly Modified Asphalt Pavement – B. Kluttz

NCAT Research Update and MnRoad Partnership – M. Heitzman

Understanding the Influence of Moisture on the Performance of High RAP content Mixtures using Warm Mix Technologies – W. Mogawer

Relationship of Asphalt Binder Properties and Asphalt Mix Specimen Properties – T. Bennert