October 2007 Presentations

October 17-18, 2007
Mystic, CT

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Welcome to the North East Asphalt User/Producer Group 2007 Annual Meeting – K. Lane

NEAUPG Meeting Update – F. Fee

FHWA Pavements Program – What’s Happening – J. D’Angelo

Warm Mix Asphalt SCAN – E. Harman

Design of High Percentage Recycled Asphalt Pavement HMA with Warm Mix Technology for Thin Mix Applications – W. Mogawer

Use of Modified Asphalt in Thin Lift HMA Applications – W. Mogawer

Update on THHRC Research into the Phosphoric Acid Modification of Asphalt – J. D’Angelo

NDT Technology for QA of Flexible Pavement Construction – H. Von Quintus

NCHRP Project 9-33: A Mix Design Manual for Hot Mix Asphalt – Advanced Asphalt Technologies, LLC

Simple Performance Test System (SPT) – What Is It? How Can I Use It? – R. Bonaquist

Polyphosphoric Acid in Asphalt Modification – H. Romagosa, M. Falkiewicz

Determination of Phosphorus in Asphalt Binders and In Binders Recovered from Bituminous Mixtures – G. Reinke, S. Glidden

Evaluation of HMA Materials for PCC Overlays – T. Bennert

Performance Testing and Structural Design – Newcomb

Precision of the E* Test for Use in M-E Design of Flexible Pavement Construction – T. Bennert