October 2010 Presentations

October 6-7, 2010
Saratoga Springs, New York

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NEAUPG Update – A. Rawson and R. Corun

Update on National Issues – ETG Activity – J. Bukowski

Proposed High RAP Content Mix Design – R. West

NCHRP – 9-43 WMA Mix Design – R. Bonaquist

Moisture Damage Potential Evaluation of Warm Mix Asphalt – T. Bennert

Binder Grade Selection Using the MSCR Specification – J. D’Angelo

Fatigue and Low Temperature Properties of Recycled Shingle Mixes & RAP Pooled Fund Study – J. S. Daniel

New Jersey’s Innovative (Approach, Design, HMA Design or Strategy?) for I-295 Reconstruction – T. Bennert

NJ I-280 WMA for a High Performance Thin Overlay – T. Bennert

Performance Characteristics of Thin Lift Mixtures Containing RAP Modified with Asphalt Rubber and Warm Mix Tehcnology – W. Mogawer

An Update on Binder Modification with Polyphosphoric Acid and Performance – J. D’Angelo

Rational Method for Selection of Type & Amount of Rejuvenators for High RAP Content HMA Recycling – K. O’Sullivan and R. Mallick

Evaluating Longitudinal Joint Construction Practices and Specifications in the United States – C. Rosenberger

Thin Lift Overlays with High RAP Content, RAS and Warm Mix Technology – W. Mogawer