October 2018 Presentations

2018 NEAUPG Conference Agenda

NEAUPG Binder Committee Activities – G. Harder

NEAUPG Mix Committee Activities – B. Barkevich

Asphalt Pavement Alliance Update – A. Miller

Influence of Production Considerations on Balanced Mixture Designs – W. Mogawer

HMA Compaction Assessment using GPR RDM – R. Bradbury

HMA Compaction Assessment using GPR RDM – S. Dai

NCAT Test Track Significant Findings – B. Powell

MaineDOT’s Porous Pavement – D. Nener-Plant

Influence of Asphalt Binder Formulation and Source on the Performances of Binders with the Same Continuous PG – W. Mogawer

Pennsylvania’s Development of High RAP Leveling Course – G. Hoffman

Moisture Susceptibility Testing of New England Mixtures – C. DeCarlo

IDT to Determine Mixture Performance – T. Bennert

Mix Troubleshooting Consideration – S. Buchanan

Cold Central Plant Recycling – RAPping a Long-Life Base – T. Clark

Performance Summary of NJDOT’s SMA – T. Bennert

Pennsylvania Initiative on Performance Testing – M. Solaimanian

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