October 2014 Presentations


NEAUPG Mix Committee Update – Bruce Barkevich

Update on National Issues – ETG Activity – Matt Corrigan

NAPA: The Drive to Meet Customer Needs – Audrey Copeland

NEAUPG High RAP Project Update – Jo Sias Daniel

Findings of NCHRP 9-47A Performance and Engineering Properties of WMA – Caroline Rodezno

Using Infrared and Ground Penetrating Radar for Uniformity Measurements on New Asphalt Layers – Steve Cooper

Tack Coat Best Practices – Mark Blow

Thermal Segregation SHRP2 Implementation Plan – Jim Hedderich

Development and Implementation of a Low Temperature Cracking Performance Specification – Eshan Dave

Evaluation of Testing Variability from Variations to Testing Geometries for Recycled Tire Rubber – John D’Angelo

Evaluation of Performance Properties of Asphalt Mixes Containing RAP Produced with Vacuum Tower Asphalt Extender (VTAE) Modified Binder – John D’Angelo

Aging and Rejuvenators: Understanding Their Impact on High RAP Mixture Performance – Walaa Mogawer