October 2020 Presentations

2020 NEAUPG Agenda

Development of a Balanced Mixture Design Procedure for MassDOT with Associated Performance Related Specification (No Presentation)
Walaa Mogawar, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

IDT Cracking Test at Intermediate Temperature: Round Robin Evaluation (No Presentation)
Ilker Boz, Virginia Transportation Research Council

New York State’s Balanced Mixture Design (BMD) Research Efforts
Tom Bennert, Rutgers University

FHWA MATC Program: Providing assistance to the Northeast
Derek Nener-Plante, FHWA

Effect of RAP and Virgin Binder Source on Low-temperature PG Reliability (No Presentation)
Ahmed Soliman, Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt

Evaluation of Asphalt Binder Test Procedures to Help Address Top-Down Fatigue Cracking
Tom Bennert, Rutgers University

Sensitivity of I-FIT and IDEAL-CT to Asphalt Mix Design Factors in Vermont (No Presentation)
Cheng Ling, Pike Industries

Quantification of the Blending Degree between RAP and Virgin Binders in Recycled Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures using EDX Analysis (No Presentation)
Ibrahim Abdalfattah, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

The Influence of As-Constructed Air Voids on Asphalt Pavement Performance (No Presentation)
Mike Heitzman, National Center for Asphalt Technology

How Do Milling Operations Affect the Pavement Layers that Remain after Milling? (No Presentation)
Eshan Dave, University of New Hampshire
Rajib Mallick, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Virginia’s Progress in Implementing Balanced Mix Design
Stacey Diefenderfer, Virginia Transportation Research Council