October 2009 Presentations

October 7-8, 2009
South Portland, ME

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NEAUPG Update – F. Fee

Update on National Issues – ETG Activity – J. Bukowski

MSCR Test – A New High Temp Spec – J. D’Angelo

Evaluation of Workability of Warm Mix Asphalt – T. Bennert

Low Temp Cracking – J. D’Angelo

Lab Overlay Tester for Characterizing Hot Mix Asphalt Crack Resistance – T. Bennert

Best Practices for Compacting Warm and Hot Mix Asphalt Mixes – C. Deahl

Contractor Experiences with Warm Mix Asphalt – T. Abbey

Development and Use of High Performance Thin Overlays – R. Corun

Relating Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Density to Performance – W. Mogawer

Can We Make More Use of RAP? NEAUPG RAP Task Group Update – C. LaFleur

including: A Study of Extracted Binders Properties in NH, VT and ME RAP Mixes – J. Daniel and J. Pochily

Performance of Permeable Friction Course – A. Cooley

Why Not a 100% RAP Recycling? – R. Mallick

New Method for Determining Mixing and Compaction Temperatures – J. Casola