October 2008 Presentations

October 8-9, 2008
Atlantic City, NJ

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NEAUPG Update – F. Fee

Asphalt Mixture and Binder Expert Task Group UPdate – J. Bukowski

Asphalt and Polymer Supply Outlook – R. Corun

States’ Adjustments to Asphalt Binder Supply Issues – E. Sheehy

Update on RAP Expert Task Group – G. Huber

RAP in SMA – R. Bonaquist and G. Moore

Panel Discussion: Putting Durability into Superpave Mixes – E. Sheehy, C. Lafleur, J. Shah, M. Byrne and A. Rawson

NH Superpave Experience – A. Rawson

Asphalt Pavement Sustainability – K. Hansen

Port of Portland T6 Porous Pavement – K. Hansen

Warm Mix Asphalt Technology – M. Corrigan

Revix™- Waterless Technology for Production of Reduced Temperature Asphalt Mixtures – G. Baumgardner

SBS Modified Base Courses for Enhanced Pavement Performance – B. Kluttz

Low Emission Asphalt – Data of Lessons Learned – G. Harder

Current Status for Multiple Stress Creep Recovery October 9, 2008 – K. Mooney

Forensic Study of Early Reflective Cracking on I-495 in Massachusetts – T. Bennert